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Reading Recovery
  Sara Ratcliffe Tammy Butcher
Ext. # 2026
Ext. # 1013
Schedule 7:00-7:45  Breakfast duty (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
7:00-7:45  Reading Intervention (Tuesday, Thursday)
7:50-8:35  Reading Recovery session
8:40-9:10  Reading Recovery session
9:15-10:45 First Grade Literacy Block (push in)
10:55-11:40  Small group planning/data team meetings/PLC's
11:40-11:55 lunch
11:55-12:40  Reading Recovery session
12:45-1:25  Reading Recovery session
1:25-1:45  Small group 1 (third grade) Reading Intervention
1:45-2:05  Small group 2 (third grade) Reading Intervention
2:10  Dismissal
7:00-7:45:  Breakfast Duty/Morning Announcements
7:50-8:35:  Reading Recovery
8:40-9:10:  Reading Recovery
9:15-10:45:  First Grade Literacy Block Push-In
10:50-11:40:  Small Group Planning/Data Team Meetings/PLC’s
11:40-11:55:  Lunch
11:55-12:40:  Reading Recovery
12:45-1:25:  Reading Recovery 
1:25-1:45:  Small Group 1 (Third Grade)
1:45-2:05:  Small Group 2 (Third Grade)
2:10:  Dismissal 
What is Reading Recovery?
Reading Recovery is an individualized instructional intervention intended for first time first graders who are having difficulty learning to read. The goals of Reading Recovery are to promote literacy skills, reduce the number of first grade students who are struggling to read, and prevent long-term reading difficulties. Reading Recovery supplements classroom teaching with one to one tutoring sessions, generally conducted as pull out sessions during the school day. Tutoring, which is conducted by trained Reading Recovery teachers, takes place daily for thirty minutes over twelve to twenty weeks.

What is the goal of Reading Recovery?
The goal of Reading Recovery is to dramatically reduce the number of first grade students who have extreme difficulty learning to read and write.Please keep in mind that ATTENDANCE is an important component to the success of the Reading Recovery Program. It is crucial that students that have been selected to receive Reading Recovery are at school on time each and every day.

What is a Reading Recovery lesson?
A Reading Recovery lesson is taught for 30 minutes each day to an individual student.  During this time students read books on their instructional level, work with letters, words, blends and diagraphs, and write stories.  Reading Recovery Lessons consist of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, writing, and motivating students to read and write.

How to help your child with reading?
There are a few basic things you can do when your child is reading and gets stuck on a word.
  • When your child says a word that does not make sense, instead of telling them the correct word and moving on, ask them, "Does it make sense?" Have your child look at the picture, think about what is happening in the story, and try the word again.
  • When your child says a word that does not sound right in the sentence say, "Does it sound right?" Have your child read the sentence again.
  • When your child reads the wrong word as them, "Does it look right?" or "Check it with your finger." Have your child reread the sentence and look at the letters from left to right while saying the problem words.
  • When your child stops and is unsure of a word, say "Start to say the word." Ask your child to think about what is going on in the story and start to say the word. Many times the word will come to them based on the content of the story and the first sound.
Most importantly, give your child time to try and praise your child's effort. If your child is unsuccessful, simply supply the problem word so they can continue reading.

What are reading interventions?
Reading interventions are methods of academic interventions which are designed to provide early, effective assistance to students who are having difficulty learning.  These methods identify, through assessments, students that are at risk of reading failure.  Our purpose is to identify at risk students, provide research-based instructional interventions that are geared towards individual needs, and to accelerate the students' growth in reading.  Reading Recovery is an example of a highly successful short-term intervention program.

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