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ááá How It Works In Media


áThe Media Center strives to be an essential part of the instructional program and the hub of the school. We are assisting students and staff in becoming effective 21st Century users of ideas and information while creating life-long learners and lovers of reading.

The media center operates on a fixed schedule. Students come during their regular scheduled class time and are permitted to come throughout the day to exchange their books once they have finished reading and to utilize the media center at the convenience of the classroom teacher. Teachers and students are encouraged to check out materials as needed for personal or classroom use. Students are aware that classroom library books do not go home, but they are allowed to take media center books home.

Listed below are the amounts of books students are allowed to check out each week.

áGRADEááááááááááá ááááááááNUMBER OF BOOKS

5K & 1st grade á á á á á á 1 book

2nd grade á á á á á á á á á 1 book (plus 1 book for speedy readers at teachers request)

3rd ~ 5thá á á á á á á á á á 2 books

áBooks are due weekly and may be returned before the due date if needed. If time beyond the due date is needed, books can be renewed. It is a student's responsibility to keep up with and take care of the book(s) they borrow from the media center. It is in good faith that we have loaned them the books in hope that they will return them the same. There are no overdue fines when books are returned late, however when a student returns a book that is damaged or has lost it he or she will have to pay to replace it.


Why do we have expectations?
To help keep us safe
To help us get along and work together
To help us learn.

Students Expectations: Be

This means we expect students to
Follow directions the first time given.
Use volume levels, Body and line basics.
Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Respect adults and each other.
Be All About The TURTLE WAY!



(for students who choose NOT to follow the rules)
1st time:á Warning, name recorded
2nd time:á Change of seat
3rd time:á Time Out
4th time:á Call Parents and a media consequence
5th time:á Parents are called, and student is referred to the Principal's office
áSevere Clause--a student will be sent immediately to Principal if he/she has a severe consequence.á

(for students who choose to follow the rules)
Verbal praise
Name recorded on PBIS Expectations Sheet
Choose from reward basket

Remember: Each class session is a "new" class and a "new beginning."