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Mossy Creek offers breakfast each morning. Students wishing to eat breakfast must report to the cafeteria before going to their classrooms. Students must arrive before 7:25am if they plan to eat. No credit is available for breakfast. Students qualifying for free or reduced lunch will alsoáqualify for breakfast. School lunches are importantápart of the school program. Lunch money should be paid on Monday of each week. Make checks payable toáSchool Food Service. Lunch money should be sent to school in a sealed envelope with the student's name, date, homeroom teacher, and amount written onáthe outside of the envelope. If a student is absent on Monday, he/she should bring the lunch money on their first day back toáschool. Students will not be permitted to eat lunch on credit. Only if an emergency exists willácredit be allowed with the approval of the principal.á

Students are not allowed to have carbonated drinks at school. These drinks,áwhen openedámay spurt and sprayácausing possible injury and clean up problems.á

Breakfast Fees:á

Regular $1.75
Reduced $0.30
Adult $1.95

áLunch Fees:
Regular $2.15
Reduced $0.40
Adult $3.50
Extra milk is $0.50.

Car riders should be here by 7:20 for breakfast. Students have to be finished eating no later than 7:30.
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