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Student performance should be evaluated based on state grade level standards, academic plans, IEPís, textbook and teacher-made tests, and other available methods. Student conduct shall be excluded from consideration in determining a studentís grade.

Grading Scale for Grades 1-5
Numerical grades will be used on report cards, transcripts and permanent records in reading and mathematics for grade one. Numerical grades will be used in all subject areas for grades two through 12 except as noted in the following paragraphs. Meeting standards (MS), making progress towards standards (MPS) and not making progress towards standards (NMP) will be used in art, physical education and music in grades one through five. MS, MPS and NMP will be used in ELA, social studies and science in grade one and handwriting in grades one and two. Health will be included with science in grades one through five. In grades one through five, the ELA grade will be a composite of spelling, English and composition, with reading being a separate grade.
A 93-100
B 85-92
C 77-84
D 70-76
F below 70

Kindergarten report cards will be narrative reports and/or a checklist reflecting academic achievement standards. Achievement of this checklist is required for promotion to first grade.
Report Cards and Progress Reports
A report card will be issued to your child every nine weeks. Check the school calendar for the dates that report cards and progress reports will be sent home. A student must be present 30 days out of 45 days reporting period to receive a report card. Parent/teacher conferences will be conducted the first nine weeks. In grades one through five, letters will be used to report student progress for each reporting period. The present grading scale is included for your information. In kindergarten a narrative report and a parent conference will be provided at the end of the first nine weeks. A checklist, instead of letter grade, will be used for the remainder of the school year.

Honor Roll
Academic Achievement
An honor roll list will be prepared at the end of each nine weeks. To qualify for the honor roll a student must have:
A Honor roll Ė 93 or above on each subject
B Honor roll Ė 85 or above on each subject
A and B Honor rolls will be published in the schoolís newsletter and sent to the local newspaper.

A certain amount of homework is necessary. Homework
may become a part of your childís grade. Provide your child with a time and place suitable for studying. During the first week of school the teacher will send to you the homework policy for his/her class. Good study habits should be started early. Be sure your child returns his/her report card to be signed and papers sent home to keep you informed on the type of work your child is doing. Please cooperate although you may not approve of the grade.

Promotion and Retention of Students (Policy IHE)
To be promoted, a student must satisfactorily complete the minimum criteria established by the State Board of Education as mandated by the Accountability Act of 1998. Promotion to the next level of work or retention in the same grade or subject level will be the cooperative recommendation of the teacher and the principal. An appeal of the principalís decision will be addressed to the Assistant Superintendent for Area 2.
  • Kindergarten: Completion of the Kindergarten program generally leads to placement in first grade. Retention in kindergarten will be based on an evaluation of the child as indicated by formal and informal instruments, with input from teachers, principal, parents, and other appropriate district personnel.
  • Grades 1 Ė 5: The following criteria shall govern student promotion from one grade to another. Reading and math proficiency will be determined by state assessments, mastery tests, and samples of assigned work. In addition, other objective measures may be utilized.
Promotion Criteria
The following criteria will apply from promotion consideration for all students in grades one through five.
  • Grade One: Successful completion of grade one reading and math skills and significant improvement in reading and math based on objective measures.
  • Grade Two through Five: A yearly passing average in reading and math or significant improvement in reading and math of at least one grade level based on objective measures (based on successful completion of the IEP, CAI, and PASS). In addition to meeting the mastery criteria for reading and mathematics in grades three through five, a student must pass at least two of the three academic courses i.e., language arts, science, social studies. The promotion or retention of a student in grades one through five should be determined on a case-by-case basis with input from teachers, parents, principal and appropriate school personnel in accordance with the local accountability plan. Written documentation must be given when other factors override academic standards. When a student is administratively assigned placement and has not met mastery standards appropriate for his/her grade level, a document is signed by the parent/guardian and the principal is made a part of the studentís cumulative record. Data for any student who is not meeting promotion requirements will be analyzed at the school level. Consideration may be given for referring this student for evaluation by the Child Study Center, provided this student has net been referred for evaluation previously. During the school year, when a student is identified as functioning below the level required for promotion, remediation should begin immediately. Remediation measures for students who are not promoted will be addressed in the studentís academic plan. The school principal and other appropriate school personnel will jointly determine the recommendation for retention. Other factors may be considered with regard to the childís ability to succeed at the next higher grade. These factors may be health, social and emotional maturity, chronological age, physical development, and mental maturity.